Wardrobe Tips for Engagement Photos...

Wear clothes that make you feel like you - in your element. Look like yourselves, but at your best. You should be comfortable and compliment each other without matching. 

Stay away from patterned prints and look for complimentary colors and solid prints. Nothing too busy.

Regarding colors, you should avoid overly bright colors such as orange or red tops. Sometimes these colors can reflect into faces and we want the love between you both to stand out!

Pastels, cool hues, or neutral colors work best. You can add bright accessories like a necklace or scarf if desired.

We ultimately want to tie the photos together with a color scheme, to create a synergy when displayed in a gallery or album. As an example, if you love light blue or white you could wear this as a dress or jumpsuit then your partner could incorporate the same hue in other photos to tie everything together without being overly matchy.

If it's going to feel like summer, try subtle floral prints or pastel hues, a maxi dress or sundress with a denim jacket are great looks too. When the weather turns colder, sweaters, flannels, shawls and scarves using these guidelines make for stunning photographs!

Two outfits work best and save time. These photos are the ones that will reflect who you are at the end of the day when it's just the two of you...