Hi, Welcome to Sunset Hill Photography...

I've been a professional photographer for twenty years, but over the last several years have been drawn to the alluring charm of storytelling through wedding photography. I'm captivated by the genuine, unrehearsed candids and unconditional love with fascinating backstories that brought us all together for this one incredibly beautiful day! Kate and I have been shooting weddings together for several years and her discriminating attention to details is extraordinary! Our styles blend seamlessly together as a continuous whole in telling your complete story. As a hopeless romantic, combined with Kate's ability to stay organized and coordinated, allow us to capture this day in the most authentic way possible - so you can relive each and every moment for generations. Kate and I have been married for 14 years and are parents to two amazing daughters. The confluence of marriage and parenting has forever changed my capacity to observe the world and my true relationship and relative importance within it. For that, I'm eternally grateful to know... the meaning of love.

We live on a hill with our dogs, chickens, cats, ducks, the occasional rescued critters, and the constant stream of welcome visitors: friends and family. We keep a large vegetable garden and are constantly learning new skills as we renovate our little brick home over the years. We recognize not just the aesthetic value of simple living, but more importantly, the effect we have on our environment in direct or intangible ways. All this has given me a sharper awareness of my surroundings.

I’m grateful for the friends and family we’ve made along this photo journey and how their examples have greatly shaped me as a husband, father and a photographer.

In the past, I won an Emmy Award for producing a short series of commercials that I wrote to honor my late brother who died from a heroin overdose. I was very passionate about this project; I wanted to help bring more awareness to this devastating issue and the stigma often associated with addiction. My brother’s appreciation of love, solitude, joy and nature were unmatched. He greatly influenced my life in so many ways as my brother, a mentor, and best friend – and as the person who gave me my first camera.

We bring the same level of dedication and passion to your photography. We shoot both film and digital, often incorporating a hybrid approach that combines the timeless aesthetic of film with digital. All photography is delivered in a digital format for convenience.

We are proud members of the Professional Photographers of America.

Thank you for visiting and getting to know us a little better.

-JL & Kate Damon